Below is the Judges Criteria for selecting the Shortlist and Winners. Nominations should inform the judges why you meet the criteria to give maximum chance of success.

Independent Retailer of the Year 
This award will go to the retailer who has demonstrated the most innovative and consistent approach, delivering an outstanding retail offering coupled with great customer service and presentation skills.

Environmental Impact of the Year 

For a business, organisation or individual who can demonstrate efforts in which they have made a significant difference to protecting, preserving or enhancing the local environment and/or advancing sustainability over the last year.

Judges are looking for businesses/groups/individuals that have been innovative and championed new ideas that overcame barriers to deliver their service in more environmentally friendly ways or encouraged others in the wider community to participate in protecting the local area/living more sustainably.

Restaurant/Café or Bar of the Year 

Exmouth has a reputation for providing wonderful and varied dining experiences, so this award will be competitive. It will go to the one providing the best food experience, combined with superb value and excellent customer service.

Professional Services of the Year 
As well as the more obvious financial and legal related businesses, this award will extend to other businesses that offer a service founded on a high degree of trust, where safety and security may also be paramount. It will be awarded to the business providing the most outstanding service, professionalism and value.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year 
This award will recognise the young business person who has demonstrated the most innovative, successful and dynamic business formula, whether they have had a positive impact on an existing business or created a new opportunity.

Hair or Beauty or Wellbeing Provider of the Year 
This award will go to a business that is deemed to be providing exceptional standards of customer care, as well as demonstrating innovation and creativity in the area of hair, beauty and wellbeing. 

Employer of the Year 
This award will be given to the business that can best prove a genuine dedication to their workforce, over and above any statutory duty. An organisation who can demonstrate:

  •                   A clear plan for creating a great place to work
  •                   A leadership and management structure
  •                   How employees are aligned with your company values
  •                   That initiatives are in place to benefit employees
  •                   Staff retention and development

Best Customer Services of the Year (this award is by public nomination) 
This award will go to a business that the public believe makes every possible effort when it comes to looking after its customers. The Judges will not only be interested in the number of nominations, but also the reasons why individuals believe their choice is so special.

Local Initiative Award

A special cash prize  of £500 to be given to a local initiative or start up, designed to benefit the town and local community. This could be anything from an initiative to install a piece of art or add a new function to communal areas or even a start up business/organization that has the aim to care for the town/ people in it.

New Business of the Year 
Exmouth Chamber recognises just how difficult it has been over the past few years to establish and grow a new business. This Award will go to a business that has not only achieved success, but has truly managed to stand out and create a real buzz.

Best Business 
The award will be made to the business that has combined over the past year excellence in customer service and marketing, has generated a ‘feel good factor’ for its staff and customers alike and has engaged positively with the wider local community in the way that it has conducted itself and championed these values.

Best Small Business of the Year 
The Judges will be looking to see a business that has demonstrated sustained growth and innovation with clear and demonstrative evidence of an unswerving drive to achieve ever higher standards of operation both for its staff and customer base. A business that has a plan and knows where it is going.

Social Enterprise/Charity of the Year
For this award the Judges will be looking for an exceptional organisation whose aims, objectives and method of delivery really chime with the needs of the community that it serves.

Judge’s Special Award 
As the name suggests, when it comes to presenting this award the Judges will be seeking a person or organisation that through some extraordinary achievement merits very special recognition. This is open to all of the community whether in business or not.