EDDC : Moving & Improving Survey

EDDC : Moving & Improving Survey

Moving and Improving – have your say as a business!

East Devon District Council has made a decision to relocate to Honiton and Exmouth.

The council offices are old, expensive to run and need ongoing repairs; the public spaces are not very welcoming and the offices are not fit for purpose for a modern 21st century organisation such as ours.  Put simply, moving is a cheaper option for East Devon than staying put.

We are carrying out this consultation so we can make sure this move is right for everyone – especially you!  By completing this questionnaire you will be helping to make important decisions on where and how we provide our services.

Our vision for service delivery is that you will be able to do business with the council when, where and how you want to as a voluntary or community group.  This means that not only will we operate from offices in Honiton and Exmouth but will continue to have a presence in main towns through surgeries and we will continue to develop better on line self service options for you.

Read the background information here.

Find the questionnaire here.

This will tell us which services you want us to provide from Honiton and Exmouth and how else you would like us to deliver services to you as a representative of a business. When you fill in the questionnaire please be sure to think only about your contact with us as a business, and not about your contact with us as a resident.

You can also sign up to receive the results of the questionnaire and find out what we are doing with them.

All completed questionnaires must arrive with us by Thursday 12 November. If you would like a copy of the consultation or questionnaire sent to you in the post, or in any other format please contact Jamie Buckley on (01395) 517569 or by e-mail at jbuckley@eastdevon.gov.uk

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