EDDC Street Trading Consultation

Dear street trader or local business,

We’re sending you this to you as the issue of markets and street trading in East Devon could affect you in terms of your location, your business or for other reasons – Please be sure to respond if you want your views to be considered!

East Devon is a small business economy with almost 90% of our businesses being sole traders or having less than ten employees. We are a strong farming and food production location with coastal and market towns and communities set in a strong rural and coastal environment. We want to know what you think about our proposal to change how street trading works in East Devon, which we believe would help make the most of these strengths and improve the local economy by encouraging more opportunities for well managed markets, festivals and street trading across the district.

Street trading includes stalls at outdoor events, stalls in the street, outdoor markets, festivals, food vans at the side of the road. Anything where someone is selling goods or services on the streets or on outside pedestrian areas or open spaces.

At the moment in the vast majority of East Devon, street trading is either prohibited or we have no way of making sure it is properly managed. Our idea is to change this to a system that would lift the current bans and more closely manage street trading by requiring anyone wanting to trade on the street to apply to us for consent to do so.

The results of this consultation will be taken into account when deciding whether to advance this proposal.

Please let us know what you think by taking part in the consultation online at:

If you would like a paper copy of the consultation or one in large print or any other format please contact us. All online surveys and completed paper questionnaires need to be back with us by 29 July 2016.

Sent on behalf of:

Richard Cohen
Deputy Chief Executive Development, Regeneration and Partnership

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