Exmouth Chamber Networking Masterclass 26th September 2018

Exmouth Chamber of Commerce invite you to their Networking Masterclass with breakfast,  8am to 9:30am Weds 26 Sept 2018 at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth. 

A Workshop which will help you overcome fear and anxiety around meeting new people and teach you how to build your network. Hosted by two of Exmouth’s most prolific networkers who guarantee you a lot of laughs as we explore together how we might get more from the networking we do and hopefully encourage us to do more.

Plenty of opportunities to interact and practice, nothing forced nothing to make you feel silly, just lots of experience shared, lots of laughs had, lots of learning done and hopefully, some much more confident networkers produced as a result. And… tea/coffee and a bacon roll are included in the price!

Come and join us!

Nigel Wilkinson is the owner of WNW Digital www.wnwdigital.co.uk

Daryl Fulls is the owner of Scribble & Ink www.scribbleandink.co.uk

  • Both are local boys having attended Exmouth Comprehensive a long time ago!
  • Both are committee members of the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce.
  • Both committed to helping local business thrive together.
  • Both prefer to have as much fun as possible at every given opportunity, so this workshop should be anything but boring!

Topics we will be covering include:

  • Why Network, Aims & goals – we aim to show you why networking is good for you – and what you can expect to get out of it.
  • Where to Network – some suggestions of good events and organisations that might help you as you build your network.
  • Imposter Syndrome – dealing with that feeling you don’t belong.
  • Preparation – How to be prepared to make the very best of every opportunity.
  • Elevator Speech – if asked to explain who you are and what you do here are some key pointers and tips to give you a pain-free, cringe-free pitch.
  • Dress codes – it matters!
  • Arriving – perhaps the hardest thing for many of us…
  • Body Language – not all communication is verbal…
  • Working the room – caught in a conversation?/caught on your own?/some simple pointers to help you feel like a consummate networker.
  • Questioning – simple key questions you need to ask.
  • Listening – possibly the most important part of any conversation.
  • Follow Up – going beyond the conversation.
  • FAQ – burning questions answered!

For more details and to purchase tickets, click here. 

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